Inspirational Shout-outs

The Paperboy is shaped by

-The Sperm & The Ova 

-Nana and Aunt Donna

-Blood brother and sworn brothers


-Black People 

-Indigenous Ghosts

-William Penn 

-Jim Henson

-Star Wars 1977-1983

-Alien/Aliens/Blade Runner

-Any and all comic books

-Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack Herrer

-Black Monday, 29 October 1987

-His dad (the sperm) who is a wife abusing, thoroughly racist piece of garbage that worshipped Ronald Regan and said he would like to "machine gun Mexicans from the back of a pick-up truck"

-His mom (the ova) who is an adulterous loaf, and told him that "women are delicate flowers-not to be trampled on" and that you should never ever ever make the first move (<terrible advice, the latter . . . they all thought I wasn't interested)

-A wonderful public school education which was lost on him

-John Hykell and all of 1994
-Kurt Vonnegut, Phillip K. Dick, Pink Floyd, Stanley Kubrick, and Moebius 

-Craig Wilson, Bill Dorsey, and all who helped me navigate strength & health training

-Muscle Media Magazine 

-1st Platoon and four short years of peacetime military service
-Uncle, for being a paragon of patience, professionalism, and patriarchy

-frankie Faires & the other guy

-Cannabis Sativa

-The noble truth

The buried truth 

Factors informing my arguments

USMC character of service

     Never have I been to combat, faced a loaded weapon, fired a weapon anywhere other than a range, or seen anyone’s life expire.

     Served 4 years in the military infantry, and was honorably discharged with a good reenlistment code.  Make no mistake, I was a troubled, unsatisfactory grunt, and the following account is why the military does not need contrarians like me.

-I failed a urinalysis for smoking pot and was NJPd

-I had sex with a Sergeant’s wife while he was deployed

-Received NJP for Article 86, one day's unauthorized absence  

-Took Vicodin i was not prescribed, drank beer and rum, threw a chair through a window of a government building, slit my wrists, fought the military police who tried to restrain me in order to provide medical attention, damaged the vehicle they transported me to the hospital in, and was cleared for work the following morning

-Assaulted two members of my platoon and our Navy corpsman with unsolicited, unwarranted, cowardly, shameful right hand punches to their face when I was frustrated 

-Assaulted one member of my platoon in an honorable fashion, yet in throwing a single punch, prevented this man from being deployed for a peacetime rotation out to sea.  He needed a smack in the mouth for what he said to my Sergeant, but I robbed him of 6 months duty he signed up for

-Have USMC tattoo and believe that my introduction to Major General Smedley D. Butler was worth every dollar the government spent on me


  • I failed 12th grade, lack a college degree, and began smoking weed at 13
  • struggle with clinical depression and self hatred
  • do not train self defense, do not feel threatened on the streets I travel daily 
  • rarely take public transportation in my current city
  • I am a violent felon 
  • was in Australia on Sept. 11, 2001 and watched the events on TV in bar 
  • believe our government protects American business interests overseas with military and state department operations (lie, cheat, steal, kill: win)
  • believe that there should be ZERO permanent US military stationed anywhere outside of this continent: not Guantanamo Bay, Okinawa, Rammstein, Bagram, nor the monstrosity of Camp Humphreys.
  •  drive a pick up truck and listen to Hank Williams & Johnny Cash, voted for Dr. Jill Stein in 2016, support marriage equality and do not support tax exempt status for religious institutions 
  • Support the idea that elective courses involving many religious texts should be offered in public schools 
  •  deny the narrative of climate change,  and believe this ancient planet has cycles of ice and fire, which 165 years of meteorological data can not possibly illuminate
  • did not stand for the pledge of allegiance in homeroom during my public education, largely because it was not the USSR in 1950 

Be advised, my arguments seem inconsistent, yet I read and write and fight  for the workers, in all situations involving the citizen (you) and their antagonistic state (officers of the republic).  We should regulate them, and not the inverse.  Search the land with me, and search yourself for us.  

With love and dignity and unarmed,

Will Hicks